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Prototype Evoluer

Change, Growth, Evolution
Evolve into your best self and never forget to love and appreciate your journey. The Prototype Èvoluer (Evol) fragrance encourages you to move forward and progress. Inspired by the love found in and around all of us, the Èvoluer (Evol) reminds us to keep going and to never give up. With love comes evolution.
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Prototype Troisième Oeil 

Clarity, Enlightenment, Intuition
Troisième Oeil is French for the Third Eye. The inspiration for this fragrance comes from the core symbolism of the mind’s eye. Clarity, enlightenment, intuition - this is what the Prototype Troisième Oeil stands for. A fragrance that gives you an insightful outlook on life. See the good in all things!
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Prototype Original

A New Chapter, A Clean Slate
The Prototype Original fragrance symbolizes a starting point, a new chapter, a clean slate. The Original encapsulates how good all the Bahdy products feel on the skin and how a prototype became the Prototype itself. The Original represents the first step toward change. A fresh start begins with a new fragrance.
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Established 2020

The Science Behind the Ingredients

The Bahdy Brand products are plant-based, natural and made of ethically sourced oils and extracts imported from Ghana. All of the revitalizing and deep-cleansing properties that these products offer are achieved with a mix of different ingredients such as tea tree oil, coconut oil, exotic shea butter, Irish moss, lavender, natural exfoliants including sea salt and peppermint leaves and many other organic oils and extracts. Tea tree oil is regarded as a go-to ingredient in skincare. It was very important for The Bahdy Brand to implement this amazing essential oil in the products because of all the benefits that come with it. Tea tree oil is not only used for treating certain skin conditions but also conditions that affect the hair and the nails. Furthermore, the coconut oil is one of the most versatile ingredients because it cleanses the skin but it also nurtures it. Another prominent ingredient is the exotic shea butter. Shea butter is rich with vitamins A and E and offers soothing and softening properties to the skin. The Irish moss infusion gives the products antiviral and antibacterial properties whereas lavender, aside from having a smooth floral scent, it also helps in treating acne and it improves the hair quality. The Bahdy Brand strives for quality products for men that are extremely moisturizing and hydrating. These products are designed to be revitalizing and deep-cleansing but not harsh on the skin.

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