Lavande (Lavender) Body Wash

$ 15.00 
This Bahdy wash has a calming and delicious scent that will always make you feel enamored of your own skin. The luxurious lavender-infused body wash will not only leave you with a fresh, floral scent but will also ease and reduce any skin inflammation. What’s more, the light-purple plant with its antioxidant properties helps in treating blemishes and wounds on the skin. Take your skin care to the next level with a deep-cleansing body wash that your skin will never forget - a Bahdy wash made of vegan, organic and ethically sourced ingredients. Stress less! #takecareofyourskin #loveyourBahdy
Prototype Original Lotion
Prototype Evoluer (Evol) Conditioner
Prototype Original Conditioner
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Prototype Evoluer (Evol) Body Wash
Prototype Troisième Oeil (Revolver) Conditioner
Prototype Original Body Wash
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Prototype Troisième Oeil (Revolver) Body Wash
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