Prototype Troisième Oeil (Revolver) Lotion

$ 29.50 
The Prototype Troisième Oeil lotion is the boldest yet the freshest from our first line of luxury vegan products. This powerful lotion combines woody and earthy tones with key notes of bergamot, sage and ginger. Made of organic, ethically sourced oils and extracts imported from Ghana, this chic and attractive creation is a must-have for your skin care routine. Infused with Irish moss, the Troisième Oeil lotion will leave you with a delicious scent that also holds antibacterial and antiviral properties. The coconut and tea tree oil together with the hints of shea butter make this lotion extremely soothing for the skin. The Troisième Oeil lotion is a hug you’ll never forget. Be confident with your one and only Bahdy! #loveyourBahdy
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