Prototype Troisième Oeil (Revolver) Shampoo

$ 29.50 
The Prototype Troisième Oeil shampoo is the one that will meet your and your hair’s needs. Made of natural and vegan ingredients, this shampoo is the first step you need to make to upgrade your hair care routine. The coconut oil infusion will help you gently clean your hair from any dirty residue while the tea tree oil will make sure that your scalp doesn’t get irritated and dry. Aside from its hydrating and moisturizing properties, the Prototype Troisième Oeil shampoo contains aromas that are fresh yet powerful. The key notes range from bergamot to sage and ginger. Enter the state of hair care enlightenment! #TroisièmeOeil #ThirdEye
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Prototype Troisième Oeil (Revolver) Body Wash
Prototype Troisième Oeil (Revolver) Conditioner
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Prototype Troisième Oeil (Revolver) Lotion
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